Sunday, September 20, 2009

This isn't the Daniel Solzman that I know and love

One of the reasons that I am such a fan of the comedy of Daniel Solzman is that he continually rejects the common assumption that you have to “work blue” in order to be funny. Comedians today use the f-word as commonly as “the”, and their discussion of sex is explicit and deeply immoral. But Daniel Solzman has constantly bucked this trend. Daniel is able to be hilarious while staying true to his moral foundation. He is funny and insightful because of the content of his material, not because he uses lewd language and material as a simple shortcut to get laughs.

Which is why Solzman’s recent Youtube video is so troubling.

To say that this video is “blue” would be a great understatement. It is vulgar. It is crude. And it is deeply immoral. And it is a sign that this Daniel Solzman is not the Daniel Solzman that I became a fan of.

Why such a dramatic change in his comedy approach? I’ve been asking myself this question all week (while I should have been preparing myself for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). Unfortunately, I think what has happened is that Fame and “the big city” have changed him.

When in Kentucky, he was still under the umbrella of our value system and still under the radar of national fame and notoriety. But in Chicago, he must be under the influence of some unsavory characters that have unfortunately rubbed off on him. And judging by the out-of-control material in his latest video, I would not be shocked to discover if this new crowd of goyim and shiksas he is running with has tempted him with the use of marijuana cigarettes, which have ruined the lives of countless young people. And his newfound fame has obviously had a negative effect on his value structure. Has he now succumbed to audience demand for lewd material, simply to satisfy his growing fan base in the Chicago/LA/NY crowd?

It certainly appears so, and it greatly saddens me.

Hopefully, Daniel comes back to his strong Jewish faith and realizes that while fame and notoriety have certain advantages, they do not outweigh the benefits of being a strong and moral role model for young people today, and the Jewish community. (Additionally, for Solzman to release this disgusting video just before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our holiest of days, is beyond insulting to people of our faith. What kind of example is this setting for his young Jewish fans???)

Let us hope that Solzman realizes this soon and comes back to the comedy material that boosted him to fame in the first place. Good, wholesome, moral comedy is what made Daniel Solzman a star in the comedy world. It is not disgusting talk of sticking your t*ngue into d*rk an*ses.

Daniel, may you soon find the path back to G-d (and our hearts). And may your tongue find a path less dark, too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Phelps Should Pay the Price

I'm so relieved that, after his move up north, Daniel Solzman did not leave the Kentucky blogosphere in his wake. And let me be the first to say kudos on his post about Michael Phelps's drug abuse. "What the fricking heck?" indeed, Solzy!

Marijuana may seem like "no big deal" to thugs and hippies, some of whom even suggest that Phelps should apologize for his apology, but pot smoking is SERIOUS. Neverminding the fact that Phelps is a star athlete and a role-model to so many young, white, athletic, middle-class males, who may not be able to succeed in life except for the opportunities that excelling in sports may provide them, but as someone who has smoked pot (which I have not done since I accepted the Lord into my heart in 2003), I know that it leads to nothing but a road paved with Doritos and empty Yoo-Hoo bottles. No one wants to see someone who lives on Taco Bell in a Speedo, of that much I can assure you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Poor Solzy is Distraight Over Keightly

Daniel Solzman is distraught over the death of Bill Keightly. The old dude fell out of a bus and died.

It is with great sadness and sorry that I make this post right now. I was just informed over the phone that Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley, fell out of a bus and tragically died today at the age of 81.

In honor of Solzy's sadness you should watch this tribute video we made from the famous Lazy Tuesday.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Solzy Bump?

As you all know, it has been almost a week since KY political blogger Daniel Solzman gave his big endorsement to Bruce Lunsford's candidacy for US Senate.

Though there has not been any polling done, I think it's fair to say that this endorsement has shifted the momentum in this race completely towards Bruce Lunsford. Though some say that the D.C. and Frankfort establishment's backing of Lunsford is his greatest asset right now, I think these might eventually pale in comparison to the endorsement from KY's blogosphere, particularly that of Solzman, widely recognized as the "sage" of their blogosphere.

You saw the same thing happen in 2007 when Solzman got behind Jonathan Miller in the Governor's race. Miller went from nobody to potential front-runner instantly after the famous interview that Solzman did with Miller below.

If Lunsford's people were smart, they would start to immediately make overtures towards Solzman for him to do a good sit down interview with Lunsford on camera. Such an interview could give Lunsford a commanding lead over Fischer and potentially end the race before it even starts.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bold Moves For a Bold Leader, Comedian, Screenwriter, Entertainer

Ben Chandler loves Daniel Solzman, too. I know because he (obviously it was him, no one would impersonate him) left a comment on Daniel's amazing website!

Since Chandler is ripping Lunsford, does this mean Daniel will switch his major, important endorsement to Greg Fischer?

Representative Ben Chandler's decision to go public on Daniel's amazing and informed website is major. Does this mean he agrees that SLUTS SHOULD PAY THE PRICE?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome to my site

I know this may sounds a little creepy, but I'm addicted to the work of KY blogger/comedian Daniel Solzman.

Rarely do you see a man as young as Daniel with such wit, intellect and political knowledge. He is surely a rising star in either politics, comedy, or both. It is with this in mind that I hope to follow Daniel's work as probably the most talented and influential political blogger in Kentucky.

Again, I know this may sound a little creepy, but I think you'll find that Solzman's cutting wit and political savy are well worth the space and analysis given here at What the Crap?!?!